The Green Hansom Cab Set

Price: $189.00


King & Country

A very useful addition to any street scene in Olde London. Could he be trasporting Sherlock Holmes & Wason to their next case?

The Hansom Cab was a single horse-drawn carriage first patented in Britain by Joseph Hansom in 1834. For many years during the Victorian era they were a familiar sight on the streets of London and other large British cities. Soon their fame and use travelled far and wide, first to Europe and finally on to New York. They continued to be widely used until the advent of the motor car when they were superseded. By the early 1920’s they had all but disappeared from London’s streets.

Their popularity and appeal today however has been mainly through films and television. No self respecting Victorian street scene is rarely complete without the familiar clip-clop sound of at least one or two or three Hansom Cabs!