Spangler Farm, Gettysburg - Scenic Backdrop

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W. Britain

View from the Emmitsburg Road near, the Klingle House, looking to the Northwest.
Confederate Lt. General James Longstreet placed his troops in the Pitzer Woods to anchor his left flank. There, under the command of Brig. General William Barksdale, the Mississippi Brigade's objective was to attack Major General Daniel Sickles' troops forming on the Emmitsburg Road and the salient of the advanced Union line at the Peach Orchard.
This was on July 2, 1863, the second day of the battle, the largest and costliest of the three days. The fighting involved at least 100,000 soldiers of which roughly 20,000 were killed, wounded, captured or missing.
This scenic backdrop is rendered with a view Northwest from the Emmitsburg Road near the Klingle House. It clearly shows the Pitzer Woods and the Splanger farmhouse which still stands today.

W.Britain Photo Realistic backdrops are rendered on an industrial, photo giclée printer using pigment inks for deep, rich color. Each backdrop is printed on heavy matte paper stock and can be easily cut down to fit your specific needs.
Measures: 31" W x 13" H