Cpl. George Howell, 1st Battalion AIF

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George Julian "Snowy" Howell, 1st Battalion AIF, awarded the Victoria Cross for the following:
His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve of the award of the Victoria Cross to the undermentioned Officer, Warrant Officer, Non-commissioned Officers and men.
No. 2445 Cpl. George Julian Howell, Inf. Bn. Aus. Imp. Force.
For most conspicuous bravery. Seeing a party of the enemy were likely to outflank his Battalion, Cpl. Howell, on his own initiative, single-handed and exposed to heavy bomb and rifle fire, climbed on to the top of the parapet and proceeded to bomb the enemy, pressing them back along the trench.
Having exhausted his stock of bombs, he continued to attack the enemy with his bayonet. He was then severely wounded.
The prompt action and gallant conduct of this N C.O. in the face of superior numbers was witnessed by the whole Battalion and greatly inspired them in the subsequent successful counter attack. It was found that Howell had actually suffered 28 wounds during this action, he was personally awarded his VC by King George in July 1917. Howell was discharged in 1918 due to his wounds, he went onto serve with the Australian army in WW2, resigned due to the boredom of staff duties and enlisted in the US Navy where he took part in the invasion of Leyte.

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