French Commercial Posters/Pre-war and WWII

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Hudson & Allen

These printed ads made thier appearance by the late 1400's and became the common means for tradesmen to announce their services. These ads were distributed by hand until someone had the bright idea of pasting them on the posts that lined the streets- hence the word "poster". As paving and street conditions improved these posters moved to walls and fences and grew in size. With the outbreak of war in 1939 the poster became one of the most visible signs of the struggle for political support, national unity, and the clash between ideologies. The posters should be removed from the sheet by cutting with a sharp modeling knife. Try soaking the posters in strong tea to age them, more damage from the elements can be simlutated by very lightly sanding the back surface, the edges or on the front for more advanced damage. Apply to a surface using white glue slightly thinned with a drop of liquid soap.