Hudson & Allen Studio

Hudson & Allen Studio was founded in 1990 and is owned and operated by Ken and Erika Osen. They produce highly varied accessories, from tank tow chains, to gutter systems for residences, to scale model buildings and municipal structures. In addition to man-made scenic accessories, H&A makes flora, foliage, and grass to detail your toy soldier diorama with the most life-like touches.

Some of the more unique items created by Hudson & Allen Studios are their series of road signs, and propaganda signs. These are available in different languages and designs to reflect the disparate countries they can be found in. It's thinking of details like this that have made H&A one of the go-to sources for toy soldier accessories.

Hudson & Allen is a well-known and trusted brand in both the 1/35 scale kit modeling and toy soldier communities and all H&A products are made in the USA. Browse the high quality miniature buildings and other items from Hudson & Allen below!

Miniature Toy Soldier Accessories by Hudson and Allen Studio