Demag Ambuance - Winter Version

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King & Country

The Sd.Kfz.10 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug or Special Motorized Vehicle) was a WW2 half-track that saw widespread use in all German Theatres of Operations. Its main role was as a prime mover of smaller towed artillery pieces however it could also carry up to 8 infantry troops. Among its many other uses this vehicle was a ‘battlefield ambulance .’ It had excellent cross country capabilities that allowed it to get right up to the frontlines and help evacuate wounded soldiers back to base hospitals and first aid posts.
This K&C model has had its original summer camouflage painted over with a coat of winter ‘whitewash’ by its crew but is already showing ‘wear and tear’ through the vehicles constant use in difficult cold weather conditions.
The model includes a seated driver and a removable ‘canvas’ cover.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a ‘LIMITED RELEASE’ with just 100 vehicles being available.