Patrolling Gurkha Contingent Police Officer

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King & Country

One of the SGC Police officers on patrol duty, ever watchful... ever ready, also carrying his MP5 and a side arm (Sig Sauer 9mm) and his kukri fighting knife.

Singapore’s Gurkha Contingent plays an important role in helping to keep the island city/state of Singapore safe and secure for ALL its citizens and visitors. The Contingent’s origins go back many years to even before Singapore became one of Asia’s foremost ‘dragon economies’.
Singapore, although primarily a Chinese city, has fairly substantial Indian and Malay minorities. One of the main advantages of having the ‘Gurkha Contingent’ is that they are racially impartial and treat all of Singapore’s different peoples fairly and equally. In addition, this paramilitary force is the only unit in Singapore that still has a number of British officers in charge alongside their Singaporean comrades.
Many of the small island state’s most secure areas and facilities are guarded and protected by these Gurkha policeman. They also provide a strong and reliable counter terrorist force that is among the finest in Asia. On the streets of Singapore they are easily recognized by their traditional Gurkha slouch hats and Kukri fighting knives worn at the rear of their pistol belts.

These 2 particular figures were first made available to all the collectors at K&C’s recent Event at the Singapore Cricket Club.