Roman Centurion with Shield

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His body armour is chain mail because it's more flexible and stretchable, the sword is worn on the left, the opposite to that of the legionary. In fighting, Centurions position was in the front of the battle, leading, encouraging his regiment, and fought with them. Legionary who expeted to be a Centurion had to meet several restrictions, having a good social relationship is a prerequisite, age must over 30, must have the least ability to read and write.
Because of their distinctive costumes, the Centurion's casualties tend to be disproportionate to the total number of casualties. For example, the famous battle of Pharsalus between Pompey and Caesar, Caesar's legion has killed 30 centurions, 8% of the centurion, while soldiers accounted for only 1% of the total number of soldier casualties.