Testudo Left Shield - 30th Legion Black Shield

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

The Testudo was a formation where the legionnaires would align their shields to form a packed formation resembling a Tortoise. The men of the front rank would hold their shields from the height of their shins to their eyes , so as to cover the formation’s front. The men in the back ranks would place their shields over their heads to protect the formation from above, balancing the shields on their helmets, if necessary. The Legionnaires on the sides and rear of the formation would stand sideways or even backwards with shields held the same as the front row to present an all-round defence. Although this was a great defensive formation that was useful in all kinds of scenarios, it was extremely difficult to move as one and a Testudo only covered ground very slowly once on the move.
This Testudo is one in the stationary defensive mode and TGM will be adding various other figures to enhance it throughout the coming months.

The complete Testudo shown comprises of 15 figures: 3 x ROM064 for the front rank, 2 x ROM065, 2 X ROM066, and 8 x ROM067 to make up a 15 man formation.

Final photos show the entire Testudo set up with the Red Shield.