Decisive Battles of the English Civil War

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Malcolm Wanklyn

In this stimulating and original investigation of the decisive battles of the English Civil War, Malcolm Wanklyn reassesses what actually happened on the battlefield and as a result sheds new light on the causes of the eventual defeat of Charles I.
Taking each major battle in turn - Edgehill, Newbury I, Cheriton, Marston Moor, Newbury II, Naseby, and Preston - he looks critically at contemporary accounts and at historians' narratives, explores the surviving battlegrounds and retells the story of each battle from a new perspective.
His lucid, closely argued analysis questions traditional assumptions about each battle and the course of the war itself.

Date Published : August 2014
Publisher : Pen and Sword
Illustration : 20 Illustrations
ISBN : 9781783469758
Pages : 240