Deutsche Luftwaffe: Uniforms and Equipment of the German Pilot

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Santiago Guillén, Gustavo Cano

When World War II began, Germany's Luftwaffe was the most powerful air force yet seen, achieving victory after victory in tandem with the German Army. But as other great powers rose to combat Hitler, the supremacy of the Me-109, Stuka, and Focke-Wulf soon began to pale before vast fleets of Allied warplanes which German industry could hardly match.
Nevertheless, while "flying till they died,” Luftwaffe pilots continued to write a record of heroism and innovation, until at the very end of the war they nearly gained the edge again with their aces flying the world's first jet fighter, the Me-262.
In this large, lavishly illustrated, full-color work we gain an intimacy with the daily life of Luftwaffe pilots as never seen before. From their uniforms to equipment to everyday sundries, drawn from incredible collections of memorabilia, we can share their experiences on airfields or in the very skies of Europe, above the dark cause which unfortunately they served.

Date Published : July 2013
Publisher : Andrea Press
ISBN : 9788496658394
Pages : 310