Brunswick Leib Battalion NCO Defending

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W. Britain

On 18th June 1815 on the ridge of Mont St Jean near the small village of Waterloo the Duke of Wellington's coalition army of British, Dutch / Belgian and German troops faced Napoleons Veteran French Army in what would be the climactic battle of the Napoleonic Wars. All day the allied army staved off repeated French attacks until Marshal Bluchers vengeful Prussian army arrived on the field to complete the rout of Napoleons army. This range features the Personalities, Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery of all participants in all the gaudy finery that was Napoleonic uniform.

The Black Brunswickers (Schwarze Legion) were raised in 1809 to oppose Napoleon Bonaparte's occupation of Germany. Most of the men in this unit wore black wool uniforms giving them the nickname of the "Black Horde." The Leib Battalion was even more imposing wearing large silver death's head insignia on the fronts of their shakos, which were topped by tall black horsehair plumes.
The Black Brunswickers earned themselves a fearsome reputation over the following decade of combat, taking part in several important battles, including the fighting at Quatre Bras on the 16th of June 1815.