Sniper #2

Price: $99.00


Summit Collection

This sniper wears a ghillie blanket and carries an ERI (Extreme Range Interdiction) rifle. The human eye is trained from birth to detect the outline of other humans, even in conditions that preclude almost all other sight. Though primitive and simple, the Ghillie Suit effectively functions to break up that outline and prevent visual detection.

This figure measures approximately 12.5" tall with base.

Figure is cast in resin using a bonded bronze powder finish technique.

Summit Collection statues look terrific on a custom base!
Contact us for details on how to get your commemorative statue with a handsome base and a customized nameplate.

We will not have the statue mounted on the base for you, it will come separately and you can attach it easily with epoxy or another adhesive. Base and nameplate will be an additional cost and are not included in the initial purchase price.