Military Statues

Treefrog Treasures Military Statues carries a variety of statues to honor veterans, current military service members, fallen war heroes and others who have served their country. These statues make perfect military enlistment, graduation, advancement, and military retirement gifts.

Have an interest in a particular historical period?  Want to honor someone from a specific war or conflict?  Our extensive catalog of Marines, Navy, and Army figurines depict a wide variety of soldiers, both past and present including:

  • Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Vietnam
  • World War II
  • World War I
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • Ancient Greece

Our selection of military collectibles currently includes US Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines as well as British Commonwealth Royal Navy, Air Force & Marines.  Check back often as we will continue to add more.

Most of our military collectibles are bronze military statues, which are bronzed cold-cast resin. However, we carry some that are available in other finishes. The bronze military statues come in a variety of sizes including 12 1/2-inch statues, 7-and 8-inch statuettes and even 8-inch presentation busts.