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2nd Dutch "Red" Lancers of the Imperial Guard Trumpeter

Price: $169.95


First Legion

First Legion has added the 2nd Lancers of the Imperial Guard, the legendary Red Lancers to the Napoleonic Wars! Raised in 1810, originally of Dutchmen after the French annexation of Holland, the regiment served with distinction between 1812 and 1815. The regiment was largely destroyed in 1812 during the Russian Campaign, and the replacements were primarily Frenchmen. Being one of the few original Dutch by 1815 was a source of great pride. Wearing striking red uniforms, carrying their fearsome lances, and commanded by superb Colonel Edouard Colbert, the Red Lancers of the Guard served with great distinction in Russia, Saxony, the low countries, and the 100 days.

The trumpeter is responsible for communicating the commander's orders to the rest of the unit during the chaos of battle.

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