British 22nd Foot Kneeling Firing - Bare Head

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First Legion

The 22nd Regiment of Foot was sent to Boston shortly after the Battle of Bunker Hill. Their regimental commander, being present before their arrival, had been killed leading an attack during the Battle. With the city under siege, the 22nd left Boston for Halifax. The regiment was later deployed to New York in 1776 and took part in the battles in and around New York and Long Island. The regiment left New York after the Continentals had been driven out and took up duty in Newport Rhode Island. Just prior to their landing, the rebels abandoned their positions in Newport. In 1778 the regiment was heavily engaged on Newport Island which was under attack by the rebels, inspired by their victories at Saratoga. Despite taking heavy losses, the 22nd were primarily responsible for driving off the rebel forces.

In 1780 the regiment found itself back in New York and in the vanguard of a British force attempting to route the Continental Army at Morristown, NJ, but met stiff resistance from thousands of Militia and were forced to call a halt to the offensive. The regiment resumed Garrison duties and finally left for England at the end of the war in 1783.