Prussian 7th Line Infantry Regiment Musketeer Marching Bandaged Head

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First Legion

Kunersdorf was by far Frederick's worst defeat and in fact was the biggest fiasco of Prussian Military arms until 1806 at the twin battles of Jena-Auerstadt. It may seem strange to cover the greatest defeat of Frederick the Great, certainly the finest military mind of the age, but First Legion offers hand painted military miniatures in the wide variety of interesting troops, attacks and counterattacks, and cavalry charges by both sides that occurred at Kunersdorf. It was a battle that Frederick won in the morning, but lost in the afternoon as he continued to press the attack despite the protests of his generals. The Austrians had to  contend with poor terrain, strong enemy positions, and extremely hot weather. The Prussian attacks finally ground to a halt due to a combination of fierce resistance and the thirst and exhaustion of the Prussian troops. When the Austro-Russian allies counterattacked, the Prussian army came apart, virtually dissolving.