Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard Signifer

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First Legion

First Legion proudly presents their first non-combative Romans: The Roman Praetorian Guard! Praetorians were the personal bodyguard of the Roman Emperors, though the name was in use for several hundred years prior. The formation of the Praetorian Guard as presented here began with Emperor Augustus. In name, they were the bodyguard of the Emperor. The Praetorian Guard played a political role as they were the sole armed force within the city. This made them something of a double edged sword for the Emperors which they nominally protected. In addition, they took part in various campaigns and battles including those of Marcus Aurelius; they were at the least the equal of any other Roman Legion in terms of combat effectiveness and at best more than equal.

A signifier carries the signum on parade, in battle he would be a rallying point for broken formations. Signifiers were paid twice the rate of a regular soldier.