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Regimental Colours

Regimental Colours were inspired by the books “Floor Games” and “Little Wars”, both by H. G. Wells. They are short, highly entertaining reads, and full of good ideas for children’s play.<br />
Regimental Colours are designed to resemble old-fashioned toy soldiers. They are made from durable hardwoods and birch ply. Water-soluble paints give them a bright, eye-catching appeal, and a water-soluble clear coat ensures they will continue to look good for generations of use. Every production batch is tested for compliance with the US CPSC standards for lead-free coatings in children’s toys.<br />
To give you some idea of size, the soldiers are about 3.5 inches tall, and the wheels of the cannon are about 4 inches in diameter. Perfect for small hands. This equates to a scale of about 90mm, or 1/20th.
TreeFrog Treasures Military Miniatures