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Khaki Army's 12.5 inch Bronzed Military Statues

Cold-Cast Resin, Finished in Bronze: Military Statues to Honor Your Loved Ones

Honor your loved ones who are currently serving or who have served with a commemorative bronzed Operation Enduring Freedom, WWI soldier statue, WWII soldier statue, or Vietnam War soldier statue. Cold-cast resin and finished in bronze, military statues make truly memorable gifts for your loved ones.

These incredibly detailed 1/6th scale bronze finished military statues all have individual serial numbers, and are ideal to display alongside a family member's service medals. Each soldier statue is a museum-grade conversation starter, historically and technically accurate; capturing authentic emotions, true realism and exact details.

Whether you are remembering a loved one, recognizing honorable service, or are a history or military enthusiast, Military Statue is your online source for bronzed military statues featuring both the past and present soldiers. Khaki Army offers a variety of pieces including both historical and modern Navy and Marine figurines, as well as Operation Enduring Freedom soldier statues, Vietnam War soldier statues, WWII soldier statues, and WWI soldier statues.