Khaki Army Collection

Khaki Army's Statues and Hail & Farewell Busts

Khaki Army's 12.5" scale figures feature a wide array of soldiers including WWI, WWII, and Vietnam War soldier statues. The 7" scale figures include various soldiers, from Marines to a D-Day Paratrooper. The Hail & Farewell Busts are representative of their respective military branches and can be customized by adding a personalized plaque, making an excellent addition to your military decor.  From the Spanish-American War to Operation Enduring Freedom, the U.S. serviceman has fought, double-timed and paraded in khaki. These sculptures pay tribute to that proud service.

Honor and Recognition Gifts for Military Men and Women

Khaki Army's museum grade U.S. military sculptures are as individual as the service personnel they portray. These statues are highly sought after by active military personnel, veterans, military families and collectors alike. They make a beautiful addition to military decor and memorabilia; perfect gifts for a Marine, gifts for military men and women, for honor and recognition awards, or for personal remembrance. Choose one of the categories below to begin browsing our selection of Khaki Army bronze finished, cold-cast resin statues. Modern soldier statues as well as WWI, WWII, and Vietnam War soldier statues can be found in the 12.5" category. For gifts for military men and women and highly sought after gifts for a Marine, also visit our 7" statues.