Kingdom of Saxony

First Legion is proud to present the Saxon Army of the Napoleonic Wars as hand painted metal toy soldiers. After the French defeated the Prussians in 1806, the Kingdom of Saxony joined the Confederation of the Rhine, a coalition of German states which were essentially French satellites. Saxon troops fought bravely for the French up to the Battle of Leipzig when the king was deserted by his troops and Saxony fell under Prussian administration. It was largely due to the influence of the Napoleonic Code that Germany eventually formed as one country instead of a group of principalities and states.

Presented here are the Saxon Guard du Corps at Borodino, an elite and seldom produced heavy cavalry regiment. Resplendent in their yellow uniforms, these wonderful figures make a sought after addition to any serious Napoleonic toy soldier collection. See them in more detail by clicking one of the figures below!

Kingdom of Saxony in the Napoleonic Wars by First Legion