Napoleonic Wars Page 2

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte controlled most of mainland Europe and had his sights set on the British isles. Only the staunchness of the British Navy kept the French from swarming across the English Channel and conquering. Once the French Fleet was defeated, the British knew the time had come to strike at the seat of power for the French on the Iberian Peninsula. One man's ambition to rule the world against the ragtag and shifting alliance of nations that dared resist him is a favorite subject of toy soldier manufacturers far and wide, but the focus of John Jenkins' range is on the battle in Spain as Wellington struggles to maintain a foothold on the continent. British Artillery, Portuguese Cazadores, and Spanish guerillas all fight tooth and nail to drive the French back!

John Jenkins Designs chronicles the bloody struggle to resist the Emperor in gorgeous hand-painted 60mm metal miniatures. Browse our selection of Napoleonic Wars toy soldiers by John Jenkins Designs below!

Toy Soldiers of Napoleon's Wars by John Jenkins Designs