Del Prado

The Del Prado collection provides quality, inexpensive toy soldiers for the budget conscious collector. Del Prado toy soldiers can stand alone in a display or be used to expand an existing diorama in a cost effective way. The Del Prado toy soldier collection is comprised of a vast array of 1:32 scale, matte painted, figures.

Subject matter ranges include: Ancient Rome, Ancient Egyptians, Cavalry of the Ages, Napoleonic Wars featuring both infantry and mounted figures, American Civil War, Italian Independence Wars, The Wild American West, Medieval Warriors, Age of the Samurai, British Colonial Wars, Italian Alpine Division, Soldiers of the 20th Century, and Firefighters of the World. In addition to their 1:30 scale figures, Del Prado manufactures vehicles on a smaller scale, which varies depending on the vehicle. There are tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, airplanes, fire trucks, and even space vehicles.

Toy Soldiers by Del Prado