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German T34

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This is a Consignment sale set we are offering. It comes in its original box and is in like-new condition.

King & Country's WS098 German T34

During the initial assaults on Soviet Russia in 1941 and 1942 the Germans captured massive amounts of Russian arms and equipment. One of the weapons that impressed them most was the recently revealed T34 tank. So enamoured of it were the Nazis that they incorporated hundreds of them into service with minimal changes. These included additional side skirts…some extra armour and, in certain instances, a new top turret hatch courtesy of the existing Panzer III’s and IV’s. To ensure they were not attacked by their own side the Germans painted these “captured” T34’s in typical 3 colours camouflage and outsized “Balkan” crosses on the turret sides. Our K&C model also has a Nazi recognition flag tied onto one of its rear appendages. Three German tank crew figures accompany the vehicle which is in the familiar markings of the 2nd SS Armoured Division “DAS REICH”.

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