Infantry Corporal, France 1916

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Paint chips on rifle and base as shown.

Del Prado SOL006 Infantry Corporal, France 1916

The French Army of World War I was organized into divisions for tactical purposes. Like all other major European armies, apart from the British, the French Army was based on a system of national military service with young men of the appropriate age group called up each year in peace time for three years as a conscript and then subject for seven years afterwards to recall for war service as a reservist. The line infantry was divided into 173 active regiments and 145 territorial regiments. In 1914 the light infantry was composed of 31 active battalions. The cavalry consisted of 12 regiments of cuirassiers, dressed in almost Napoleonic fashion in steel helmet and cuirass, 32 regiments of dragoons, 21 regiments of light cavalry and 14 regiments of hussars.