Marshal Ney, Russia, 1812

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Red paint rubbed on horse.

Del Prado SNC015 Marshal Ney, Russia, 1812

Napoleon called him the Bravest of the brave, a nickname not easily earned, but in the case of Marshal Michel Ney it was surely accurate. The son of a cooper from Saarlouis in Alsace, he enlisted as a hussar in 1787, rapidly rose through the ranks and was commissioned in 1792. Serving with the Army of the North, he was in the thick of the fighting during the Revolutionary campaigns on the Rhine and in Flanders and was recognized as an officer of courage and resolution as perhaps suggested by the red hair which gave rise to his nickname, le Rougeaud.

He saw much hard service and collected several wounds, including being wounded in the shoulder at the siege of Mainz. He was promoted to gral de brigade in August 1796, in command of cavalry on the Rhine and German fronts, was once taken prisoner but exchanged shortly after.