Memnon, King of Aethiopia

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In Greek mythology, Memnon was a king of Aethiopia, and son of Tithonus and Eos. As a warrior he was considered to be almost Achilles’ equal in skill. During the Trojan War he brought an army to Troy’s defence and killed Antilochus, Nestor’s son, during a fierce battle.
Nestor challenged Memnon to a fight, but Memnon refused, being there was little honor in killing the aged man. Nestor then pleaded with Achilles to avenge his son's death. Despite warnings that soon after Memnon fell so too would Achilles, the two men fought. Memnon drew blood from Achilles, but Achilles drove his spear through Memnon's chest, sending the Aethiopian army running.
The death of Memnonechoes that of Hector, another defender of Troy whom Achilles also killed out of revenge for a fallen comrade, Patroclus. After Memnon’s death, Zeus was moved by Eos’ tears and granted him immortality.
It is also said that Memnon arrived at Troy with a large army of Indians and Aethiopians, which consisted of thousands of men with various kinds of arms, which surpassed the hopes and prayers even of Priam.