4th Cavalry on the Rhine, 1796

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This is a Consignment sale item we are offering. It comes in bubble wrap with original Osprey booklet.
Plume bent, paint chips.

Del Prado SNC081 4th Cavalry on the Rhine, 1796

How did the armies of the French Revolutionary Wars fight, and were they different from their predecessors In simple terms, all European armies except the French fought according to carefully established patterns set earlier in the 18th century, which they continued to follow in the 1790s. Eighteenth-century armies were the property of their autocratic rulers. They were paid professionals clothed, disciplined and trained by the state, and as such employed at the discretion of the monarch when and where occasion demanded it. European armies were instruments of absolute royal power: what the king did with his army was his own business at a time when the concept of the nation had yet to emerge.