Roman Shop - Taberna

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This façade portrays a generic Roman shop or taberna and includes a removable shutter, to show the shop being opened for business in the morning, or being closed at the end of the day. It is capable of representing a wide array of establishments and to facilitate a variety of figures.
Tabernae were versatile storefronts or workshops commonly found in bustling urban areas. These establishments served a variety of functions, from simple shops selling goods such as food, clothing, and household items, to more specialized services like bakeries, taverns, and even brothels.
The tabernae were essential to daily life in Rome, providing goods and services to both locals and travellers alike. With their open fronts and bustling activity, tabernae formed a vital part of the city's social and economic fabric, embodying the vibrant spirit of Roman commerce and daily life.

H: 230mm (9 inches) W: 150mm (5.9 inches) D: 80mm (3.15 inches)