U.S. M4A3(76) Sherman Tank

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W. Britain

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1/30 Scale Resin and Metal Kit, Unpainted, Unassembled

These models come out of the box pre-cleaned and prepped. Their polyurethane resin construction means sharp, crisp detail with no flash and little pitting. The metal parts are clean and sturdy.
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U.S. M4A3(76) Sherman Tank
The 75mm-armed M4 was the impetus to begin production of 76 mm-armed M4s in January 1944. Production forms were available as soon as August 1944 and the variant saw introduction during December of that year, seeing combat service during the Battle of the Bulge and beyond. However, in testing before the invasion of Normandy, the 76 mm gun was found to have an undesirably large muzzle blast that kicked up dust from the ground and obscured vision for further firing. The M1A1C gun, which entered production lines in March 1944, was threaded for a muzzle brake, but as the brakes were still in development, the threads were protected with a cap. The addition of a muzzle brake on the new M1A2 gun (which also incorporated a faster rifling twist leading to a slight accuracy increase at longer ranges) beginning in October 1944 finally solved this problem by directing the blast sideways.