Napoleon Bonaparte on Foot

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W. Britain

1/30 Scale Resin and Metal Kit, Unpainted, Unassembled

These models come out of the box pre-cleaned and prepped. Their polyurethane resin construction means sharp, crisp detail with no flash and little pitting. The metal parts are clean and sturdy.
This model kit is simple to assemble but by no means are they simple toys. They are highly detailed, historically accurate model kits – the most ardent modeler can’t deny the quality and detail found in these kits!
The team behind Campaign Miniatures are avid modelers, collectors, and above all, historians. They have put a lot of research and analysis to make all of their products correct and accurate. And all Campaign Miniatures are compatible in size and scale with W.Britain figures and accessories so you can mix and match your completed kits. Keep an eye out for the ever expanding range of figures, vehicles, and accessories.

Napoleon Bonaparte on Foot
Many, inside and outside of France, consider Napoleon the epitome of French achievement and a bit of a paradox. While he subjugated much of Europe, he also established the Napoleonic Code granting “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” (first promised during the French Revolution) to much of his country. He destroyed the first French republic by force, yet led the construction of the modern French state with the creation of an innovative education system and the founding of the Bank of France. The French writer and historian, François-René, vicomte de Chateaubriand, was a contemporary and monarchist who despised Napoleon, but later grew to admire him. His final judgement on Bonaparte read, “Living, he failed in the world. Dead, he conquered it.”