Fallen Eagle

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On August 5, 1964, just days after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Lt. Everett Alvarez — piloting his A-4 Skyhawk — took off from the USS Constellation. As he approached his patrol boat targets in the Hon Gai Harbor, however, Lt. Alvarez's warbird was hit and, while the cockpit filled with smoke and the stick froze, he ejected, landing seconds later in the water. Picked up by a group of nervous fisherman, Lt. Alvarez would become the first aviator POW of the Vietnam War and the first American sent to Hoa Lo Prison — the famed "Hanoi Hilton." He spent more than eight years in captivity, making him the second longest-held U.S. POW in American history. This print, depicting Lt. Alvarez's Skyhawk taking off on that fateful day.

Limited edition print is initial by the artist, Stan Stokes,

Print measures 16.5" wide x 11" tall.
You can pick up pre-cut mat board and a 16x20 frame from your local hobby or frame shop!