Queen Elizabeth II in State Attire

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King & Country

On great formal occasions, such as welcoming and entertaining visiting foreign dignitaries and other countries ‘Heads of State’ Her Late Majesty would often host an important dinner or luncheon for the relevant guest to greet them to Great Britain.
She would also attend the annual State Opening of Parliament where she would address a joint assembly of Parliament that would include all members of the lower House of Commons as well as the upper chamber, the House of Lords.
For all of these more formal ‘State’ occasions the late Queen would wear a long, simple but classic evening gown decorated with a blue ‘Riband’ sash representing the Order of The Garter. Sitting near the top of the ‘Riband’ are a pair of ‘Royal Family Orders’ which are special medallions only awarded to female members of the British royal family. Lower down is the large ‘Star’ of the Garter Order. Her majesty also wears the George Ⅳ ‘diadem’, considerably smaller and less cumbersome than the awesome Imperial State Crown which is usually only worn at coronations.