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Aeneas is a character in the Iliad where he is twice saved from death by the gods for an as yet unknown destiny, but is an honorable warrior in his own right. He is the leader of the Trojan’s Dardanian allies, as well as a second cousin and principal lieutenant of Hector, son and heir of the Trojan King Priam.

Having held back from the fighting, aggrieved with Priam because in spite of his brave deeds he was not given his due share of honour, he leads an attack against Idomeneus to recover the body of his brother-in-law Alcathous at the urging of Deiphobus.

The Aeneid explains that Aeneas is one of the few Trojans who were not killed or enslaved when Troy fell. Aeneas, after being commanded by the gods to flee, gathered a group, collectively known as the Aeneads, who then travelled to Italy, and became progenitors of the Romans.
The Aeneads included Aeneas’s trumpeter Misenus, his father Anchises, his friends Achates, Sergestus and Acmon, the healer Lapyx, the helmsman Palinurus and his son Ascanius.
They carried with them the Lares and Penates , the statues of the household gods of Troy, and transplanted them to Italy.