Russian 33rd Jaegers Standing Loading

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First Legion

First Legion has previously released both the Tauride and Pavlovksy Grenadier regiments in march attack formation and we are now adding some firing line figures for each of those regiments. They are also releasing Russian Jaegers, as the 33rd Jaeger regiment.
The Jaegers were elite light infantry trained for skirmish although by 1812 there were over fifty Jaeger regiments in the Russian army and reports are that the quality and training of the formations was variable. That said, the evidence, little as it is, suggests that experienced units of Russian Jaegers were good skirmishers and generally performed well. Typically, two jaeger regiments formed the third brigade of an infantry division, with the 33rd forming part of the 11th Division of the Fourth Infantry Corps of Barclay de Tolley’s 1st Army of the West.
These figures together are welcome additional firepower for the Russian infantry at Borodino.