Prussian Artillery Officer

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First Legion

The Franco Prussian War of 1870-71 is often overlooked in terms of its geo-political impact on the balance of power in Europe. The war hastened union of the German states as the German Empire under Prussian King Wilhelm I and Chancellor Bismarck and created a new industrial superpower in the heart of Europe.
The Prussian artillery played a key role in the Prussian victory with the Krupp breach loaded ‘6 pounder’ being superior to the French muzzle loaded counterparts in accuracy, rate of fire, range and reliability. It was the Prussian artillery which counterbalanced the superiority of the French chassepot rifle and mitrailleuse early machine guns and contributed to Prussian victory.

This set depicts five artillerymen and their gun preparing to engage with the out-ranged and out-gunned French forces.