The Coldstream Guards Regimental Band

Price: $999.00


King & Country

This King & Country version of The Coldstream Guards Band includes 21 x individual figures led by a superb Drum Major and 20 X musicians comprising:
2 x Side Drummers
2 x Flautists
2 x Clarinetists
2 x Saxophonists
2 x French Horn Players
2 x Cornet Players
2 x Trombonists
2 x Medium Bass Tuba Players
2 x Large Bass Tuba Players
as well as
1 x Bass Drummer and a solo Cymbalist

All 21 figures come packaged in their own specially designed box.
Regimental Bands have varied in size over the years… The Coldstream Guards Regimental Band increased steadily to reach its greatest strength, 75 in 1970.
Since that high point it has been reduced to usually between 45-50 musicians today, depending on the availability of trained military applicants. As with all British armed forces bands every musician is also fully trained as a Regimental Medic and Stretcher Bearer in times of conflict and on active service.

Please Note: The Drum Major, Bass Drummer and Cymbalist figures are only available as part of the complete 21 x figure Regimental Band Set.