British Mosquito - Coastal Command Banff Strike Wing

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This is a Consignment sale item we are offering. It comes in its original box.
Both tail fins have been snapped off and repaired. Slight gaps can be seen. Two props have been snapped off and re-attached, not perfect.

Figarti Miniatures ETA-051 British Mosquito - Coastal Command Banff Strike Wing

Wingspan: 21.5" and Nose to Tail: 16.5" -- 5" tall to top of canopy

On 7th November 1944, 143 Squadron De Havilland Mosquitos flew their first sorties as part of the Banff Strike Wing whilst patrolling the Norwegian coastline. They operated in this region until the end of the war in an anti shipping role as they raised havoc against the Kriegsmarine along the Norwegian Coast and Fjords. Most of the missions were low level attacks against heavily defended targets of coastal batteries, flak emplacements, shipping and of course the Luftwaffe. Their contribution was costly but highly successful to the war effort. Figarti Miniatures proudly introduces its "Banff Strike Wing" (ETA-051) with the markings of 143 Squadron RAF De Havilland Mosquito (DH.98) Fighter Bomber MarkV1. With similar Machine Gun and Cannon armament to the "Jericho" version the "Banff" also carries eight devastating rocket projectiles (RP's) each with a 25 pound warhead.

1/30th Scale

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