Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen 1 Ausf B (PzBefw 1)

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John Jenkins Designs COND-04 Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen 1 Ausf B (PzBefw 1)

Germany sent 4 Befehlswagen 1 Command tanks to Spain. They were first issued 1 per company, and 1 in the battalion headquarters. These were a version of the PZKPFW 1 AUSF B, but with a fixed superstructure and additional radio equipment.
The German Command considered that the leader of a tank subdivision himself should not necessarily participate in the battle; his task lay in the battle control. Therefore, commander’s tanks of the first series had no armament at all.
The tank's crew consisted of three people: a tank commander (who was also the leader of the tank division), tank driver and radio-telegrapher. Later it was determined that the tank should have arms and it was equipped with one MG - 13 machine gun of 7,92 mm caliber.

The prominent St. Andrews Cross painted on the roof was an air identity mark, common on Nationalist tanks to prevent straffing by friendly aircraft.