Viking Era Saxon Village Scenic Backdrop

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W. Britain

This backdrop measures: 31" W x 13" T
A peaceful scene of a Anglo-Saxon village some 1,500 years ago. The typical village encompassed about 100 residents, housed in single family huts made of wood with thatched roofs. Surrounding the village would be high fence. Mean to keep their livestock safe at night from forest predators like wolves and boars, it also provided some protection from marauding viking raiders.

Vikings raised most of the settlements that they encountered, which were commonly made of flammable materials such as wood and wattle-and-daub. The best surviving structures are stone churches.

W. Britain Photo Realistic backdrops are rendered on an industrial, photo giclée printer using pigment inks for deep, rich color. Each backdrop is printed on heavy matte paper stock and can be easily cut down to fit your specific needs. 31" W x 13" H