Curly, 7th Cavalry Scout

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Dirty Shirt Blue - The U.S. Army in the Old West

Ashishishe, also known as Curly and Bull Half White, was a Crow scout for the US Army during the Sioux Wars. He is best known for being one of the few survivors on the United States side at the Battle of Little Bighorn. He and three other Crow scouts accompanied Custer's troop, but did not actively participate in the fighting as they were ordered away before fighting began. He watched the battle between the Sioux/Cheyenne forces and the 7th Cavalry detachment from a distance. After witnessing the annihilation of Custer and his men, he rode off and became the first to report the defeat. When accounts of "Custer's Last Stand" later became romanticized, legend grew that Curly had actively participated but had managed to escape. Later on, Curly himself stopped denying the legend.