50 Fighting Men of the British Empire - 54mm Painted - Franklin Mint

Price: $400.00



This is a Consignment sale set we are offering.  It comes in a generic box.
The figures were wrapped in toilet paper originally (now bubble wrap) and this unfortunately left a fuzzy residue on each one! Can be cleaned with a mild dish soap and soft brushes.
Rifles snapped off and included on two figures we well.

Franklin Mint

50 Fighting Men of the British Empire - Painted

Comes with "Book" with pages about each figure and more historical details!

Not a complete list, but some examples are:

  • 1815 Officer, Royal Horse Artillery
  • 1660s Officer, His Majesty's Troop of Guards
  • 1910 Officer, Bengal Lancers
  • 1914-15 Infantryman "Old Contemptible"
  • 1580s Elizabethan Seaman
  • 1970s Infantry Private BAOR