Vietnam Electronics Store Façade

Price: $192.00


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The ‘Nam-Thanh’ Electronics Shop features period advertising including Melia cigarettes (a brand sold even today in Vietnam!) and National TVs and radios- perhaps tempting that GI or Digger with a few bob in his pocket and not much to spend it on. The ‘Nam-Thanh’ also features an awning which would allow the placement of a Viet Cong sniper to harass before escaping into the backstreets.
This building facade will help you create an urban diorama such as Hue City for your fighting US Marine versus Vietcong and NVAs, or Vung Tau for a bit of R&R for your US or Australian troops at rest. Each building is heavily weathered and covered with period posters, advertisements, and flyers.
Debris and leaf litter add to the realism.

King & Country figures are for scale purposes only and are not included.

Measures approximately 8" tall x 6" wide x 2.75" deep.