The Black Watch Pipes & Drums

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King & Country

This magnificent 13 figure set, laid out in its own large box contains the following:
1 x ‘Drum Major’
6 x ‘Pipers’ (which includes a ‘Pipe Major’)
2 x ‘Tenor Drummers’
1 x ‘Bass Drummer’ and
3 x ‘Side Drummers’

Points to note, all six Pipers wear the ‘Royal Stewart’ tartan and the black doublet jacket. All drummers and the Drum Major wear the regiment’s scarlett tunics and the traditional ‘Black Watch Government Tartan’. Although K&C has produced this 13-man set most military ‘pipes & drum’ bands are actually larger... Anywhere from 8-16 pipers and 4-6 side drummers which is why there are more sets available separately!

The origins of the British military’s pipe bands can be traced back to the early 1800’s as soldier / musicians were tasked with keeping pace and morale up on long marches with their respective regiments. This inevitably led to the global spread and popularity of ‘piping’ as the British Empire expanded and the British Army’s Scottish Regiments ranged far and wide both building and defending its colonies and citizens.
By the 18th Century, the highland bagpiper would perform as a soloist or as a member of a Regiment’s ‘Pipes & Drums’ band. Army pipe bands were officially recognized by the British War Office in 1854 and thereafter became a permanent fixture and addition to all Scottish regiments. The leading piper became known as the ‘Pipe Major’ while the mace wielding NCO In the front of the band was the ‘Drum Major’.
With Scots, both military and civilian at the forefront of Britain’s colonial adventures so its national music and its pipers and drummers spread Scottish culture and music to the four corners of the world. Among the most famous ‘exporters’ and ‘exponents’ of Scotland’s national music were the men of The Black Watch.