Swiss 4th Line Infantry Senior NCO with Halberd #1

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First Legion

The Swiss Infantry were professionally mercenary troops which made up part of the Grande Armee during the Napoleonic Wars. They were stalwart, well drilled and trained, professional soldiers who acquitted themselves well, so long as they were paid regularly. As the saying went, "No Money, No Swiss".
These are yet another addition to the Napoleon's Europe figure series aimed at targeting some of the less often depicted Nationalities of the conflict. First Legion has created the Swiss 4th Line Infantry which were part of Napoleon's Russian Campaign most notably taking a key role at the Battle of Berezina. In total there were 4 Regiments of Swiss Line Infantry in the service of the Emperor. The 4th is resplendent in their coats with blue facings making the Swiss very unique in appearance as part of the French Army where blues and greens typically dominated.