The Fallschirmjager Bonus Set

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King & Country

Among the most highly-regarded German soldiers (by their enemies) were the men of the Luftwaffe’s Fallschirmjager (Paratroop) Regiments.
Although by 1944 they were primarily used as ‘Elite Infantry’, the Fallschirmjagers could be found fighting on every battlefront Hitler’s armed forces were operating in. The Normandy front in the days and weeks following the June 6, D.DAY Invasion was no exception.
Here, as promised, is the second batch of Fallschirmjagers in action battling the American, British and Canadians in the mighty struggle to hold on to this ‘Front’ in the West.
These six, dynamic German paratroopers are available individually or as a combined 6-figure ‘Value Added Set’.

Set contains LW079 - LW084.

Additional figures and diorama items are sold separately.