Herbal Healer with Bookcase

Price: $15.95


First Legion 28mm

Unpainted 28mm Resin Castings.

​1. Extremely high quality casting resin with properties similar to Vacuum cast with high quality silicon molds.
2. NOT spin cast.
3. Paint ready when you receive them, NONE of the oily release agents that can be found on poorly produced resin figures.

The figures are Heroic Scale 28mm being on the larger end of what is considered 28mm. They would be more accurately described as 32mm (sole to eyes) for humans. Goblins, Orcs, etc. are purposely done in a size and style of First Legion's own, with the Orcs in particular being large brutish fellows at about 38mm tall to the top of the heads. These figures are compatible in size with figures from companies such as Games Workshop and Reaper to name just few.