FJ with FG42 Assault Rifle

Price: $55.00


King & Country

Just 7,000 of this remarkable weapon were produced due to its complexity and cost... and most went to the Fallschirmjagers! The weapon could fire ‘single-shot’ or full automatic. It could even be fitted with a special spike bayonet and folding bipod legs.

This is part of the first batch of our fighting German ‘Fallschirmjagers’ (paratroopers) making their way through the Normandy ‘bocage’ and moving towards the landing grounds of their U.S. Airborne opponents in the hours and days following the Allied invasion of June 6, 1944.
Few of the fighting men of WW2 captured the imagination and respect of even their enemies as much as the Luftwaffe’s ‘Fallschirmjagers’.
Boldness and courage were the hallmarks of their airborne training and battlefield performance.
These latest FJ’s are uniformed as they would have appeared in France and North West Europe at the time of the invasion and afterwards.