Stucco Stone Wall

Price: $25.00


Hudson & Allen

Use as a stand alone piece or with Hudson & Allen Studio, HA-2034, HA-2035, HA-2016, and HA-2031. One side is stuccoed, the other is stone. Two looks in one!
Measures 3"H x 13.5"L x 1"W

This patterned stone wall was inspired by similar ones as seen as Normandy, France. These walls are made of various heights constructed of local stone set in mortar with a variety of capping finishes at the top.

This wall has a leveling coarse of soft red brick near the top and pillars of cut stone. These are useful for a number of locations and and when used in combinations you can create a courtyard for a farm or village, or simply line a road.

Made of high density urethane foam, these hand painted pieces can be easily cut for custom displays requiring a specific footprint. Hand-made and hand-painted in the USA!